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Pack of two waveguide covers [PAN.MWO.252100100616]

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Pack of two mica waveguide covers.

Dimensions (including tabs) approx 116 mm x 64 mm.

Suitable for :
R-272KM (R272KM), R-272SLM (R272SLM), R-272WM (R272WM),
R-274KM (R274KM), R-274SLM (R274SLM),,
R-622STM (R622STM), R-662SLM (R662SLM), R-662KM (R662KM),
R-662SLM (R662SLM), R-662KM (R662KM),
R-664KM (R664KM), R-664SLM (R664SLM),
R-762SLM (R762SLM),

NN-E299SM, NN-E229BB & NN-E279WM, NN-E289BM, NN-K179WB & NN-K189MB, NN-E281MMB, NN-E271WB, NN-E209WB, NN-K181MM, NNE299SM, NNE229BB & NNE279WM, NNE289BM, NNK179WB & NNK189MB, NNE281MMB, NNE271WB, NNE209WB, NNK181MM.

Wellco MW101, MW201, MW202.

Customer reviews
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I received the products in perfect condition because good and safe packing quality. They can replace the original wave-guide covers which were burned.
Yustian Rovi A.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent service and price.
Stuart J.