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Door latch (hooks) [PAN.MWO.E30188000BP] - DISCONTINUED

Panasonic microwave

Door latch (hooks) for Panasonic microwave ovens. 

Part number E30188000BP

Suitable for: 

Panasonic NN-K678CB microwave ovens, 
Panasonic NN-K657WB microwave ovens,
Panasonic NN-K657CB microwave ovens.


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Door latch (hooks) for Panasonic microwave ovens. - Discontinued - No longer available.

Part number E30188000BP

Suitable for: 

Panasonic NN-K678CB, NN-K657WB, NN-K657CB, 

NN-K672CB, NN-K605B, NN-K358WB, NN-K358CB, NN-D998WB, NN-K998CB, NN-D801B, NN-D551B, NN-D501B, NN-C897CB, NN-C897WB, NN-C877WB, NN-C827MB, NN-C853CB, NN-C877CB, NNK805B, NNK855B, NNCT880MB, NNK687WB, NNA850CB, NNCT878SB, NNCT878SB.

NNK678CB, NNK657WB, NNK657CB, 

NNK672CB, NNK605B, NNK358WB, NNK358CB, NND998WB, NNK998CB, NND801B, NND551B, NND501B, NNC897CB, NNC897WB, NNC877WB, NNC827MB, NNC853CB, NNC877CB, NNK805B, NNK855B, NNCT880MB, NNK687WB, NNA850CB, NNCT878SB.