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Siemens microwave oven bulb glass and removal tool

(Code: CON.176141-D)

Oven bulb glass and removal tool for Siemens ovens

Part number 176141 or 647309

Includes bulb glass shield and bulb glass removal tool.

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Oven bulb glass shield and removal tool for Siemens ovens
Part number 176141 or 647309

For removing glass bulb cover that has a threaded portion approximately 60mm overall diameter of approximately 65mm.
Includes bulb glass and lamp glass removal tool.

  1. HB131550B/01, HB131550B/02, HB131650B/01, HB131650B/02,HB13M250B/01, HB13M550B/01, HB13M550B/03, HB13M550B/10, HB13M650B/03,HB151550B/01, HB151550B/02, HB15M550B/03, HB15N550B/03, HB28054GB/02,HB48054GB/02, HB48064GB/03, HB49E74GB/01, HB530250B/01, HB530550B/01,HB550550B/01, HB550550B/02, HB550650B/01, HB55M550B/01, HB55M550B/03,HB55M650B/01, HB55M650B/03, HB560550B/01, HB560550B/02, HB560650B/01,HB560750B/01, HB564550B/01, HB56M550B/03, HB56M650B/03, HB56R550B/01,HB56R550B/02, HB570560B/01, HB86K570B/03, HB90556GB/01, HB91554GB/06,HB96560GB/01, KG44U195GB/01.