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Corona virus update 19th April

Thank you for your orders. Who could have anticipated our busiest week ever ! Returning from a short weekend in Lockdown to 147 orders last Tuesday. As a comparison we would usually expect about 25 orders over a weekend maybe double that over a long weekend. Of course most of the country are at home, on their computers from what weve seen - buying parts to get bread machines and microwave ovens working. 
The good news is that apart from one or two items, companies we deal with such as Panasonic and Samsung are keeping up with our demand for spare parts and accessories. 
We are able to work within government guidelines and are still just about keeping up with a skeleton staff. Most orders are still being processed in a timely manner. We dont see the postman every day but usually see a courier. All of them are reporting a massive upsurge in deliveries, much busier than any Christmas so far. 
We aim to continue through the lockdown extension servicing orders as we receive them. We hope to do so whilst keeping safe and healthy and hope all our customers do also. 

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Coruna virus update

Corona virus update
Thank you for visiting kitchenwareonline. During this difficult time we have been receiving lots of orders through the site. Our dilemma is do we close down and see what happens when we come back or carry on serving our customers.
Clearly, the volume of orders suggests that there is a need for our products. We have a shop, a workshop and a stores area within the shop. In line with government guidelines we have closed the actual bricks and mortar shop, taking on only the most urgent service calls. Our online shop Kitchenwareonline though remains open. We were contacted last week by most of our suppliers including the main manufacturers who we buy from including Panasonic and Samsung who have indicated that they will remain open for business while they can.
I made the difficult decision to furlough 2 members of staff. This means that in processing kitchenwareonline orders I am actually the only staff member in the building and will come in contact with only those collecting or delivering to the shop.
I am pleased to report that during the first week of lockdown we were able to continue but have reduced the need to travel by opening for 3 long days instead of for 5 normal days. So far this has worked ok.
I would like to take this opportunuity to thank you for your continued custom and plan to continue as long as it takes to safely look after you, our customers. 
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Cold spots in jacket potatoes ?

I recently spoke to a customer who was getting part of his jacket potato uncooked. he had to think to turn the potato during cooking despite the microwave having a turntable.

The reason was the glass tray itself. The heat generated in the potato by microwaving it was being absorbed by the glass tray that it was sat on. This meant of course that a small area of potato was remaining un cooked. The solution was simple. Raise the potato off of the tray. Either by cooking it on a defrost rack or better still by using a microwave potato baker. The potato baker is the best idea. It makes for more even cooking and it stops the potato rolling around the tray.

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Do you ever check your plugs ?


Do you ever look at the plugs on your appliances. Many electrical appliances around the home will have been supplied with a moulded plug top which is virtually maintenance free, but there are still of home fitted plug tops around. We see a large percentage of microwaves that come into our workshop with after market plugs fitted. Please check from time to time. especially if its a plug that gets used or moved around a lot as appliances such as irons are taken from or put into cupboards. Check that the plug top itself isn't broken. Often parts of it will break off as the material is quite brittle.ImageI wouldn't expect anyone to take a plug apart for a routine check (that's our job. when a microwave comes in for repair we always check the plug top and cable for signs of damage), but if the lead feels or looks  loose, then you should check inside. The screws can come loose or may have been fitted too loosely during fitting.


One of our technicians during a routine repair just recently checked inside to see several of the wire securing screws actually missing - not even inside the plug top.ImageI could mention about how to wire a plug but its almost a topic in itself. For now check the first picture by the title of this post. That's pretty much what it should look like, at least what colour wires go where. Finally, If the fuse goes and you need to change it, please make sure you change it for the correct rating, replace it with the same colour fuse. Usually 13 amps for most kitchen appliances. If it blows again you need some expert help to check the appliance as there is probably a fault.


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I can see through the door, how is it these microwaves can't get out?

You can see through the door because the holes in the metal mesh are small enough for the light"waves" to pass through, but the microwaves are too big to fit through the holes (I know this sounds odd because we are talking about something we can't see!).

Just imagine that you have got a wire mesh, with holes about the size of a pea in it, along comes some light (imagine it as a marble) that's 1/10th the size of the hole--it will drop through a hole in the mesh, now along comes the microwave which is a bigger glass marble, about the size of a 2 pence coin, it's far too big so it just bounces off the mesh, it can't get through.

This is just what happens with light and microwaves in the microwave. To the microwaves the mesh looks just like a solid metal screen; and they bounce off just like radar waves bouncing off of a ship or aeroplane, but to the light the screen is not very substantial and the light just streams through.

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Panasonic Bread Machine Mounting Shaft

[caption id="attachment_695" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Panasonic breadmaker mounting shaft kit Panasonic breadmaker mounting shaft kit[/caption]

We have had a few instances of customers purchasing either mounting shafts or mounting shaft kit (kit.005) because the kneading blade has been loose on the shaft only to find that the new parts are exactly the same. The blade normally sits quite loosely on the shaft. It is designed with enough tolerance to allow for the non stick coating to be applied during manufacture. it doesn't matter that it is loose because it is driven positively by the flat portions. The blade only turns in one direction so there is little chance for excessive wear. Even being loose we or Panasonic UK have never heard of a blade coming off of the shaft during operation. To that end we advise that as long as everything is working ok not be concerned that it looks to be loose. The main reason to change the mounting shaft is when the seal fails and allows mixture to seep through into the pan of if the bearing fails and it either seizes or makes excessive noise during operation.

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